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Keep track of all the reps and sets done during your workouts. Tracking each exercise and noting how much weight you use and how many reps were performed for each set is beneficial to achieving your fitness goals.

I believe keeping workout logs of this nature are optimum for measuring progress. It can be a bit cumbersome to write down this information at the time, but using Workout Log! makes it much easier and convenient. Looking back at my old logs has proven extremely useful. For example, I was not working out for a couple of years and when I returned to hit the iron in the gym again I was aiming to see what my max bench press could be. When I was struggling with the weight I went back to my logs to see which routine was giving me the best results. It turned out that the Max OT routine I was using previously was getting me the biggest gains in strength. Now Im incorporating the Max OT workout system of increasing weight again and showing significant gains.

When I look back at the old workout logs I can determine which routines I was using gave me the best results. Overall, I view the workout log as an invaluable tool in my quest for my ultimate physique.

Happy training!

* You can also add the amount of weight used during each workout.

* You also have the ability to send the details of the workout to any email address of your choice. This beneficial feature allows you to export your workout information to excel or other formats from your email.

* More workout log features coming soon!

Have great workouts!